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Margrete Lodahl Rolighed


Phone: +45 52 79 72 61



Margrete Lodahl Rolighed


Digital Designer

Hi, my name is Margrete and welcome to my portfolio. I'm studying a masters degree in digital design at Aarhus University, and on this page you'll find all the projects I have done throughout the past three years - school as well as spare time related projects.

Digital Design Projects

These are the design projects I've done during my university life. Projects are listed in a chronological order from newest to oldest. Click on a project to see more about the design case, concept and process.

Plant-radio [Product design]

Floorix -  Interactive floor installation [3D interaction]


Programming Projects

Here are some projects that are more focused on the programming and software - projects that lives on the screen. Some projects are university-related, and some are hobby-based.

Graphic Design

In my spare time I like to do some graphic design work for different occasions.

5 Marks of Mission [Infographic design]

Tro På Det [Logo design]

Fluid [Illustration]

Freddy's Coffee [Flyer design]

Space Cats [Movieposter design]

Alpha Omega [Tattoo design]

Lovestory [Illustration]

Cities [Illustration]

Lågekalender - Pfeffernüssen & Sardellen [Christmas calendar]

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